Eye Bag Removal

The eye is a complex area that undergoes a multitude of changes as we age. The overlying skin loses elasticity and begins to wrinkle; the underlying muscle weakens and further allows sagging; the deep fat pads begin to bulge through weakened muscles; bony volume is lost, creating hollows.


How do eye bags affect your appearance?

Eye bags can leave you appearing chronically aged and exhausted. Gravity, natural ageing, lack of sleep and lifestyle choices are often the causes.

What is our solution?

The AGNES machine is the latest in cosmetic technology.

AGNES can treat eye bags using insulated micro needles to release heat and radio frequency at a controlled pulse length. This destroys fat cells inside the eye bags without damaging surrounding tissue.

How does AGNES eliminate eye bags?

Commonly Asked Questions

Some pain and discomfort is not abnormal.

Anaesthetic cream is provided before the procedure to minimise this, though slight pain may follow the procedure too.

AGNES has been used for years worldwide to treat numerous skin concerns with no worries.

As with most procedures though, there are side effects, and Dr Musa will discuss these with you.

Possible temporary complications include bruising, redness, numbness, hypersensitivity and acne outbreaks.

The procedure typically takes only 1-1.5 hours. The doctor may follow up with you after several days.

3-7 days of swelling and redness followed by a further week of less severe redness can be expected. Redness and swelling may be covered by foundation after 4 days. Occasionally, there may be numbness and hypersensitivity for up to 4 weeks.

Following a 1-2 week recovery, the area may initially look worse than before. This is normal. Much of the benefits appear over the coming months as new collagen is deposited and the body removes the fat cells.

Benefits are evident from a single treatment, though several sessions are often needed to maximize improvement.

Even more value!

FREE LED therapy session with skin cosmetic services*

*Eligible for services over $199

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